Welcome to the SWRC Audax page.

The information on this page is about Long Distance Cycling, sometimes called Randonneuring, but in this country is known as Audaxing.

Audax events are cycling rides held over standard distances 100km, 200km, 300km etc and for each distance there is a maximum time in which to complete the distance. Generally this is based on an overall speed of 15kph (9.4mph) which includes all the stops during the ride. Each rider carries a brevet card during the event which their overall finish time is recorded but no result times are publish, only which riders have completed the ride within the time. For a 200km (125mile) event the maximum time is 13.5 hours. The list of events shown on this page has some SWRC members riding in them.

The SWRC clubruns are not too dissimilar to a 100km audax, and with a little extra planning, preparation and determination most club riders could complete a 200km audax.

During the winter months (Oct-Mar) there are only a handful of local events to ride so SWRC member Jeff Ellingham will lead what are called DIY events over similar distances. A DIY audax ride can take place any day of the week (weather dependent) starting in Esher, opposite Giro café, or Witley Rail station near Milford. Notification of these are via the SWRC Audax WhatsApp group which Chris Ball administers. 

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 As with events there will be a GPX file issued beforehand and at least two café stops during the ride. These start earlier and finish later than a clubrun so good lights and a hi-viz jackets are essential during the winter.

During the summer months Jeff also plans to carry on with the DIY events, although there are many more events to ride on the Audax Calendar.

Jeff Ellingham sends out a weekly group notification and you can join this by contacting him at his  e-mail address.

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Only a few SWRC members have ever completed the Paris-Brest-Paris PBP 1200km Audax. They are:

Brian Morrison  1975.    Ken Dolman  1987. Dave Lucas 1987.   Mike Wood  1999.    Paul Alderson  2003  2007  2011  2015  2019.    Matthew Scholes  2011  2015.    Alan Parkinson  2011  2015  2019.    Nick Allen  2015  2019.    Robert Imrie  2019.    Clare Liley  2019.    Helen Millier  2019.    Edel Costello  2019(DNF).    John Duckworth  2019(DNF)

Well done to all those that rode in 2019.

Some Useful Links below:

Edel,  Helen and Clare have all completed  the Gold Standard Super Randonneur award in 2019.
It consists of a ride series: 200 km, 300 km, 400 km, 600 km, all completed in the same Randonneur year.

edel helen and clare

Some of the regular members at the start of a weekend 600km audax in 2019



A 200km audax during 2018

A 200km audax during 2018

A 300km audax during 2018

A 200km audax during 2018

Jeff and Chris organise summer DIY audax rides


A 200km audax during 2018

Cycling through Henley on Thames on the Gently Gently audax 2018

Dorset Coast audax April 2016
Dorset Coast audax during April 2016
Dorset Coast audax April 2016
Wessex 2 day, 600km audax during May 2016
Dorset Coast audax April 2016
The 4 day 1200km, Highlands audax during July 2016



All Audax Rides

14 Mar
The Dean
14/03/2020 6:00 am - 15/03/2020 3:00 am

300km cycling event starting from Oxford, Peartree Services. Controls at Stow-On-The-Wold, Newent, Chepstow, Malmesbury, Membury Services and Oxford., plus 2 information controls.
A wonderful route through the Cotswolds and Forest of Dean. Traditionally the first 300 of the season. Commercial controls, car park start, postal finish.

15 Mar
Gently Bentley
15/03/2020 8:30 am - 9:30 pm

200km cycling event starting from Surbiton. Controls at Henley-On-Thames, Lasham, Brookwood Premier and Surbiton., plus 3 information controls. Organised by the Kingston Wheelers.


22 Mar
The Kennet Valley Run
22/03/2020 8:00 am - 9:30 pm

207km cycling event starting from Grazeley, S of Reading. Controls at Hungerford, Bratton, Hungerford and Finish., plus 4 information controls.

A well-established event using commercial controls at Hungerford, Bratton and Hungerford (again). Proceeds will be donated to Sue Ryder, a charity that provides hospice and neurological care and Dementia Care.


28 Mar
Steam Ride:London-Oxford-London (LOL)
28/03/2020 8:00 am - 9:30 pm

200km cycling event starting from Waters Edge (Rear),Ruislip, HA4 7YP. Controls at Quainton, Quainton Memorial Hall, Head Of The River (Ach),St Aldate's, Oxford, Didcot Station Or (Petrol Station 400M), Chinnor Co-Op/Garage and Water's Edge (Rear), Ruislip, Greater London Ha4 7Yp., plus 4 information controls.

29 Mar
Man of Kent
29/03/2020 8:00 am - 9:30 pm

203km cycling event starting from Golden Green,Tonbridge. Controls at Faversham, Wingham, New Romney, Headcorn and Golden Green., plus 4 information controls.

Join us for the classic tour of the Garden of England. Entry fee includes food at the start, finish and the legendary Vicarage control in Faversham!!


29 Mar
The Petworth Start of Summer Time 200
29/03/2020 8:30 am - 10:30 pm

208km cycling event starting from Pound Street Car Park, Petworth, W Sussex. Controls at Petrol Station Opp Churchers College Petersfield, Hampers Green Community Centre, Pease Pottage Service Station and Hampers Green Community Centre., plus 4 information controls.

A Start of Summer Time 208k ride of two loops centred on Hampers Green Community Centre, Petworth. NOTE This year is not a BRM version of the ride.

Start in the free Pound Street Car Park (Behind Co-Op Store). One feed on route at halfway in the Hampers Green Village Hall and again at the finish. No entries on the line. Please see the Route Sheet download for more detailed information.