The Club has 3 bike boxes available for hire: We only charge for the period of your trip. We do ask that you hold onto the box in a safe and dry place after the trip if possible.

  • 2 Bike Box Alan Original (BBA) £4 / day
  • 1 Buxum Box Tourmalet (Size H2) £6 / day

Booking the Bike Box

Please check availability below before booking. To book please complete the form below. Please pay for bike box hire through the MemberMojo store. Set Quantity to number of days of your holiday. Please pay at time of requesting the booking, otherwise your booking cannot be secured.

Pay using Membermojo

Getting your Bike Box onto a Plane

Please consult the manufacturers website for box dimensions for your airline. It is advisable to book your bike box in with the airline ahead of your travel date. For BA, you need to call them.

Bike Box Alan Original

Both of these BBA boxes were refurbished in 2022, so are “good as new”.

Tubeless Tyres

BBA advise that tubeless tyres 25 mm or larger will likely not fit in this box (The tyre side walls are thicker, preventing them going into the wheel recesses in the bikebox lid).


If your bike has Thru-Axles, you will need QR skewers to secure the wheels into the box.

Disk Brakes

The general recommendation by BBA is to remove disk brake rotors if they are fixed with screws. If you can’t remove the disc brake rotors or you simply don’t want to the wheels can be can simply fitted in the lid of the box with the rotors facing into the centre of the bike box towards the foam padding or can be laid loose on top of the intermediate layer of foam. If the wheels do not fit in the lid of the bike box, lay the rear wheel on the intermediate foam on the left hand side of the box, disc rotor facing down. The front wheel can be placed on the right hand side, Disc rotor facing upwards.

Mech Hanger

It is recommended you remove the rear mech from the bike by unscrewing one of the bolts on the mech hanger. This removes any risk of the mech hanger getting bent in transit.

Packing your bike

  1. Practice packing and re-assembly before departure day. You will need to get the pedals and bars off. Instructions are at Easy way to remove pedals & Packing a bike box
  2. Undo the rear mech at the mech hanger (5mm Allen key) and wrap the mech in an old towel or bubble wrap (no need to remove the chain). Even in the bike box, if the mech is attached to the bike, the mech hanger can get bent. It takes just 60 secs and can save hours of grief later. Instructions are at Removing the Rear Mech
  3. Recommended: Surround bike parts (forks, stays, etc ) in foam pipe lagging to protect from scratches. Available at Amazon or plumbers merchants
  4. If you have disc brakes and/or thru’ axles, please review the content on this page. Disc Brakes & Thru Axles as otherwise you may find you arrive at your destination with bent rotors.

Buxom Box Tourmalet

This box is new and is fine with tubeless tyres & disk brakes. There is no need to remove the mech. There are different adaptors for QR vs Thru Axle dropouts.

Packing your bike

As for BBA, you will need to get the pedals and bars off.

Buxum Packing Instructions on YouTube

Request a Bike Box

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